Mission / Results / Insight
Part of a summer series of yoga classes, I created this artwork to attract new students in the north of Sweden for outdoor yoga. My inspiration came from a mix between Swedish, Thai, and Balinese summers and to state the fact that summers in Sweden are quite short so it's best to make the best out of it whilst we can.  

The idea was to promote that everyone can do yoga and I had students from 8 to 65 years old in a mix of Vinyasa flow lead with music, incents and finishing relaxing part. 

The summer series was a success and many people came back twice a week during the totality of the course. The artwork was used on the website http://yoga.jalita.me  and on print posters and flyers that were put up in Örnsköldsvik city.

I learned new techniques in Illustrator combining photography, aquarelle, typography and clipping masks.

Other projects

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