Happy Socks is a Swedish retail brand present in 90 countries, 10,000 top fashion apparel boutiques, and 21 online stores. 

Founded in 2008, their vision is to spread happiness and colour to every corner of the world by turning an everyday essential into a colourful design piece. 

Over the years, Happy Socks has collaborated with inspirational brands such as Andy Warhol, Queens, and more. 

I helped setting up a digital growth team with key competencies in UX design, data analysis, eCommerce, product development, and digital marketing.

The goal was to approach the workflow in a different way with faster iterations, A/B testing capabilities, and a way of working that enabled continuous learning and experimentation to drive more conversion and happy customers. 


We analysed the website data, set up metrics and A/B testing, and identified main bottlenecks. We iterated and prioritised designs on a weekly basis on where to improve the customer experience. Multiple tests were run and we used data-driven results to make decisions.


#1 – Successful campaign launch

#2 – +15% increased conversion in Germany and 33% in the US over a 3 months period

#3 – Overall exponential conversion growth

#4 – Change of culture for a more lean design and data driven approach across teams