Autumn figures
Kirigami Data Visualizations
T1 Homepage Redesign
Gold Finder - Product Design Concept iOS App
Gems Product Design Concept iOS App
Bytion Social Media/Affiliate Marketing Websites
Logo Design & Brand Identity - Key Millennials
Teamily Redesign concept
Teamily is an app reorganizing teams around individual roles and challenges in a project. I did a redesign concept focussed on the onboarding phase on laptop and mobile.
Krishna illustration
Illustration practice in Affinity Designer with inspiration from Yulia Sokolova. In India, Hindu people celebrate the annual festival honoring the birth of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu. This holiday is called Krishna Janmashtami.
UI Challenge 005 - App icon
Logo and icon concept for an app showing yoga studios and locations worldwide.
UI Challenge 004 - Calculator
UI Challenge 004, calculator without = sign.
UI Challenge 003 - Landing page
UI design landing page over the fold. Travel page to promote Höga Kusten in North of Sweden.
UI Challenge 002 - Credit Card Checkout
UI Challenge 002, Credit Card Checkout. Inspired by Sweden, I wonder why there aren't more of this kind of checkouts on the web where you type straight on the card.
UI challenge 001 - Mobile Sign Up
UI design practice, first upload of the UI 100 day challenge. Mobile sign up of Yoga app.
Yoga Logo Design
I created this logo design and visual identity for a yoga teacher starting a new brand and business. The logo was made in both black and white to be able to be used on different backgrounds for promotional material. Different sizes and modifications were also made to fit social media accounts such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. I've used Affinity Designer and Sketch to make this logo.
Various flyers for different occasions.
Responsive website - Yoga business
I designed, built and edited this Bootstrap responsive website for a yoga business. I've created all assets, edited images, made artwork using Affinity Designer, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch. I use Brackets to edit HTML5, CSS3 and host this website on Github.
Logo design data analysis business
Logo concept for a Data analyst business. Several options were explored and the client went with the options that is displayed on the thumbnail image.
Art work hero image website
I created artwork for a background image for a yoga website. I've mixed photography with handmade illustrations, typography and watercolour effects. I've blended these elements to give a strong identity to this summer campaign. Parts of this design has been used for a landing page, facebook advertising, and print posters. I've used Sketch and Affinity Designer in the process.
Logo design
I designed a logo, tagline and visual identity for a yoga blog.
Tango Logo Design
My client is a professional tango dancer since 20 years and travels between France, Argentina and Brazil to give workshops, classes, and plays as a DJ in international tango events. She already has numerous associations and collaborations and needed a logo that would complement the visual identity she already has. I made a logo design and created the symbol with the dancing couple from scratch. Typography is mixed to reveal her strong identity and passion for argentine tango. The client was pleased with this work and received multiple sizes in both black and white transparency to be used together with all kinds of communication material.
Depth and texture
City typography weekend design with blue mood background. Helsinki is a calm serene city with beautiful buildings and surrounded by water. Being in Helsinki makes me feel like in the mix of an urban city, the water, the sky, and the countryside.
Pattern design
Personal illustration project
Swirl logo
Blue city
A new marketplace for jewellery. Visual identity, product concept & UIX design of ios app. Read more about the case.
Gems app logo
Gold Finder
Visual identity, branding, product concept / UIX design for an ios app. Read more about the case.
Gold finder logo
Chan's Thai UI Design
UIX Design and build of Thai food takeaway/catering website. Read more about the case.
Chan's Thai
Logo Design for Thai catering entrepreneur
T1 redesign
Redesign concept for a data-driven HR tech startup business in Hong Kong. Read more about the case.
Logo Design for Data Visualisation Scientist's business.
Kirigami UIX design
UX & UI design for a Data-Scientist's portfolio and website. Read more about the case.
Key Millennials Visual identity
Crafting a visual identity for a Danish affiliate marketing startup
Key Millennials
UI design and restyling of wordpress theme applying visual identity
Teamily mobile concept
Shiva's Dance logo
Logo Design for a yoga blog
Krishna Illustration
Yoga website design
UX/UI design and build of website
Jalita Yoga
Visual identity, yoga business
Yoga Journeys
Graphic design for promotional material
Facebook marketing
Promotional material for yoga workshops and classes
Duotones Photoshop
Merging and duotones experimentation in photoshop
Carolina Udoviko
Logo Design for International Tango dancer and performer.
Shanghai Encuentro
Graphic design for promotional material, print ticket sale &, website build
Do Yooga Logo
Logo Design concept for a crowdfunding yoga platform
Autumn figures
Autumn colours, typography and figures. Although it's almost winter now I felt I needed to do something for autumn, so I decided to play around a bit with colours and some assets, typography and cozy autumn feelings.
Double exposure elk
Panther outlines
Bytion Affiliate Marketing websites
App icon
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